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Please note: due to continued increasing food costs, gasoline price increases, and food shortages, our pricing has increased June 2022.

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Knife Skills & Sauces Everyone Should Know


Learn New Cooking Skills is for Individuals who would like to learn to cook or learn more adventurous recipes, or experts who want to expand their knowledge. Beginning Cooking classes are perfect for new cooks wanting to learn solid skills, how to trust their instincts while cooking and gain confidence in the kitchen. I Love to Cook classes are perfect for anyone who loves to spend time in the kitchen cooking and wants to learn new ideas and techniques. Advanced Cooking Experiences are great for individuals who are looking for new ideas, a little more challenging menus, and developing more techniques. Pro Cooking Experiences are designed for adventurous cooks and home chefs seeking a higher challenge. Knife Skills & Sauces Everyone Should Know Experiences are skills and technique classes based on learning the techniques of professional chef knife cuts and sauces.

For details about the specific Cooking Classes and Parties, click on the blue links. Each cooking event does require a MINIMUM OF 8 PEOPLE or more to be able to book an event. Fresh Chef Experience does accept all major Credit Cards and Debit Cards as a form of payment.