Explore New Cuisines

Learn how to create dishes from some of the most exciting culinary countries in the world in our Explore New Cuisines Cooking Experiences. Our Chefs will teach classic French techniques inĀ Classic French Cooking Experiences. Or explore making fresh pasta, pizzas, pesto, gnocchi, and risottos to name only a few in Italian Country Cooking classes. Learn how to cook with the spices of Spain in A Taste of Spain, when you make recipes including traditional Tomato Bread, Paella, Pimenton rubbed Rib Eye SteaksĀ and more. Our Chefs will take you on a food trip in our South of the Border Experiences teaching the techniques of spicy Mexican cuisine. The Asian Cuisine classes are perfect for anyone who loves Wok Cooking, Rolls, Dim Sum Dumplings, Noodle Bowls, and lots of other great techniques. Or try you knife skills making sushi in our Sushi and Sushimi Experiences where you learn the special knife cuts, techniques, and Japanese traditions of making fresh sushi and sashimi.

For details about the specific Cooking Classes and Parties, click on the blue links. Each cooking event does require a MINIMUM OF 6 PEOPLE or more to be able to book an event. Fresh Chef Experience does accept all major Credit Cards and Debit Cards as a form of payment. A 3% surcharge does apply to credit card payments.