Fresh Chef Experience Cooking Classes in Louisville, Kentucky

Fresh Chef Experience Cooking Classes & Parties happen in your home kitchen or event space! (Need an event space? No problem, we have that too!) Our professionally trained chefs arrive at your location with everything required to have an excellent Fresh Chef Experience Cooking Class or Party. It’s easy – we bring all the food for the event and all the equipment. Fresh Chef Experience Cooking Classes sets up, entertains, and cleans up the kitchen. Everyone just learns and has fun! The fun continues when Fresh Chef Experience Cooking Classes supplies all recipes and tips. Our recipes help you recreate your Fresh Chef Experience Cooking Class.

Fresh Chef Experience Cooking Classes can do it all! From private lessons & parties to large groups, it’s all about fresh ideas, food and fun! So choose a one of our Fresh Chef Experience Cooking Classes, or create your own Cooking Class or Party, then call or text us at 502-386-5241 to book your day and time.

We teach you the latest techniques

alexkevinFresh Chef Experience Chefs instruct the latest techniques and skills perfect for the home kitchen. Our Fresh Chef Experience Classes and Parties will expand you and your guests’ culinary horizon. We are teaching the newest cooking methods from basic culinary skills to advanced techniques. Even preparing international dishes! And our professionally educated and trained chefs instruct how to use your five senses – smell, sight, taste, touch, and sound – to prepare excellent food. And we teach you how to make your recipes exactly how it happen in the kitchens of professional restaurants!

Our fresh, fun ideas will bring out the culinary skills in everyone. All our recipes are all professional kitchen tested so you can make your Fresh Chef Experience recipes again and again.

It’s all about expanding YOUR world of cooking

We created Our Fresh Chef Experience Cooking Classes and Parties for all skill levels, and it’s entirely up to our participants to decide their standard of involvement in the food preparation and cooking.  If you and your guests are interested in engaging in cooking the entire session, our instructional chef will coach while the participants prepare and cook the entire menu. As a second option, everyone can cook and prepare part of the meal then watch our instructional chef demonstrate how to make the balance. Or, you and your guests may decide to sit back, relax, and watch one of our Chefs prepare your entire meal for you. We will demonstrate the cooking process and then serve your meal to you. Fresh Chef Experience Cooking Classes are all about YOUR choices.

Fresh Chef Experience does accept all major Credit Cards and Debit Cards as a form of payment. However, a slight 3% surcharge fee does apply to all card purchases.